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Introduction to Journal of “Metallurgical Industry Automation”

The Metallurgical Industry Automation(MIA), approved by the State Science and Technology Committee and sponsored by the Automation Research and Design Institute of Metallurgical Industry under the charge of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, is a unique technology application journal on automation in metallurgical industry (including ferrous and non-ferrous metals), distributed publicly at home and abroad. The MIA started publication in 1976, and is published bimonthly in current international format (large sixteen mo) now. The corresponding readers of the MIA include scientific and technological workers engaged in research, design, production and construction in automation field; students and teachers in related speciality of colleges and universities; skilled workers, and management personnel et al.

The main contents of The MIA include metrological and measurement technique, computer application and network technique, electric drive automation, new development of automatic control theory application in metallurgical process (including ferrous and non-ferrous metals) control and management (such as expert system, fuzzy control, neural network etc.) home and abroad, and new achievements and experience, in addition, introduction of world advanced technologies and recent trends about metallurgical industry automation . The MIA offers the main columns on expert forum, comprehensive survey and comment, frontier technology, application of artificial intelligence technique, control theory application, measuring and instrument, drive and control etc. The director of the MIA journal agency is Mrs XIA Ning,and the chief editor is Mrs SHEN Li-ying. There are 57 commissioners of the editor commission including Mr YIN Rui-yu , Mr LIU Jie,Mr CHAI Tian-you,Mr WANG Guo-dong et al ——the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering; Mr CAI Zi-xing—— the expert of U.N.,the academician of Newyork Academy of Sciences, the academician of the International Navigation and Control Academy of Sciences;Mr LŰ Yong-zai ——the American professor .There is a strict examination procedure of manuscript in editorial department of the MIA and the magazine agency of the MIA has large numbers of experts who work in colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, and large national enterprises. They go over manuscripts and guarantee the quality of manuscripts for the magazine agency. The MIA has become a famous technological periodical with higher academic level in domestic automation field, and has a certain influence in the world and is known by foreigners. The MIA is the whole nation outstanding science and technology periodical, kernel Chinese periodical, China science and technology paper statistic source periodical, and selected publication of China science and technology periodical choice database.MIA is now accepted by the international data base of Information Service for the Physics, Electro-technology,Computer and Control(INSPEC);Abstracts Journal,VINITI(AJ);Cambridge Scientific Abstracts(CSA) ;Index of Copernicus (IC). Since 1986, the MIA is continuously elected metallurgical industry outstanding science and technology periodical, and is awarded the second prize of the whole nation outstanding Science and technology periodical (1997), the first prize of metallurgical science and technology periodical (1996~1997, 1998~1999, 2001~2002), “double hundred ” periodical of China periodical square matrix (2001), and key hundred periodical of the second and the third nation periodical prize (2003 and 2005). Since 1990, the MIA is continuously elected Beijing advanced unit to lay stress on reputation and to achieve high quality service and capital advertisement trade spirit civilization construction advanced unit (1990, 1993, 1997,1999, 2001, 2003, 2005), and national advertisement trade spirit civilization construction commendatory unit (1998~1999).

XIA Ning (Lady)
Director of Metallurgical Industry Automation
No.72 Xisihuan South Road, Beijing 100071, China
Tel/Fax: 86-10-63841318

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